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Who We Are

We are the West Coast’s preferred pet crate supplier. We provide IATA-compliant custom wooden or high grade aluminum pet crates. Our crates are airline-approved for travel within the USA or internationally. Our custom-built wooden crates are built to IATA specifications from the highest quality wood and metal, equipped with durable rubber handles for easy lifting and customizable with your pet’s name or company logo. Our aluminum crates are also suitable for anxiety training, and are fully collapsible, making them compact and suitable for everyday use.

IATA Specifications

Choosing the right sized crate for your pet is crucial to making air travel a positive experience. You can find plastic crates virtually anywhere but if you have a pet that IATA considers a strong and potentially aggressive breed or if your pet is simply too big to fit in the largest standard plastic crate then you will need an IATA-approved custom-built wooden crate for pet travel. IATA is the trade association for the world’s airlines, and we proudly build all our crates adhering to their regulations.

We also partner with pet travel agencies to ensure that your pet will travel comfortably and in style.

If you are a pet travel agent, contact us to get a Special Offer!

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Our Products

Foldable Aluminum Pet Crate

$1,100.00 – $1,500.00


We highly recommend working with an IPATA certified pet travel agency to ensure you choose the right sized crate for your pet. Click here to find an IPATA Pet Shipper. IATA regulations regarding pet crates can be found on their official website. If you are still unsure of what size crate you need, simply email us for our size recommendation.

This is a personal choice but it mainly depends on your intended use and your location. If you need a pet crate for repeat use (for example, repeat travel or anxiety training), an aluminum crate may be best. If you need a pet crate for a single use event (for example, moving), you may find a custom wooden pet crate more affordable and suitable for your needs.

We encourage you to work with an IPATA certified pet travel agent to ensure that you choose the right custom wooden crate for your pet’s travel as different airline carriers have varying requirements. IATA CR-1 crate requirements can be downloaded here. A CR-1 crate is considered a standard crate for pet air travel. It can be constructed from rigid plastic, wood or metals. IATA regulations specify that rigid plastic crates are not suitable for large dogs or dogs that are of a breed classified as aggressive. If your pet is a large dog that will not fit in a plastic crate, you will need a wooden or aluminum crate. A CR-82 crate is required if your dog is of a breed classified by IATA as aggressive. A IPATA certified pet travel agent will inform you if current regulations require your pet to travel in a CR-82 crate. If you need help finding a reputable IPATA pet shipper, simply email us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Your custom wooden crate will be ready for pick up or delivery in Southern California approximately 1 week after your order is confirmed by us. If you need your custom wooden crate sooner than 1 week, please email us at orders@westcoastpetcrates.com for a rush order. Your aluminum crate will ship approximately 10-20 days after your order is confirmed by us. Due to our quality control standards, we cannot process rush orders for aluminum crates.

Due to their specialty nature our custom wooden pet crates are not able to be returned, exchanged or refunded. Aluminum crate orders may be changed or canceled within 30 minutes of placing your order. We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen, and encourage you to work with a IATA certified pet travel agent to ensure you order the right size crate. If you’re still unsure about what size crate will work for your pet, just email us, we’re here for you!

Yes, our aluminum crates carry a 2 year limited warranty which extends to the original purchaser and covers the parts and overall build of the crate. If you have an issue with your aluminum crate, simply email us and we will work with you to make it right by replacing parts or materials. We also guarantee that our custom wooden crates are built to the highest standards for pet air travel. If you need the full details, limitations and exclusions of our limited warranty, simply email us.

Yes, orders due in less than one week will incur a rush order charge of $50 and can be picked-up at our base in Hermosa Beach, California or delivered within our delivery zone: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County. 

$100 for orders delivered within LA County and $150 for all other counties within our delivery zone.

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